Top 10 Best 3D Pens In 2018 Reviews

3D pens are quickly becoming a must-have household item especially when kids are involved. The invention of 3D pens has alleviated art to a new level with artists and aspiring artists creating masterpiece 3D models.When shopping for 3D pens, it is important to understand what you’re buying to help you know if it will be worth your money.

Also, people often don’t account for the expenses involved in using and operating a 3D pen. Most pens go through filaments within no time, so you will need to keep replacing them. Below, we have featured the top ten best 3D printing pens to help narrow down your search.

Top 10 Best 3D Pens Reviews

10. Soyan 3D Printing Pen

Soyan 3D Printing Pen

This 3D pen is perfect for kids as a present. Not only is it great fun but also encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity when drawing objects. For its price, this pen works great and is super reliable. While other models are susceptible to clogging under heavy usage, this pen remains clear and ready for its next use.

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9. 7TECH® 3D Printing Pen

7TECH® 3D Printing Pen

There are a few things that make this 7TECH better than other models. It has excellent build quality; it feels sturdy compared to other models. Also, whenever it clogged, we found it easier to fix as the parts come off easily and re-attach easily as well. Its simplicity means that kids or whoever is planning to use this pen will feel at home handling it.

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8. LAPOND® 3D Printing Pen

LAPOND 3D Printing Pen

The Lapond is the ideal gift to give to your ten-year-old son or daughter who’s interested in 3D drawing. With this pen, kids can make all sorts of things all day long since plastic filaments for this pen are affordable compared to other models. It is lightweight and ergonomically designed to make maneuvering easy.

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7. Manve Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

Manve Intelligent 3D Printing Pen

If you’re a 3D artist, this pen can be used to supplement your 3D printer. It comes with over 20 color variants with six of them being glow in the dark to produce unique 3D models. We loved the Manve for its simplicity and practicality. It is lightweight which allows you to control it by simply using one hand.

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6. Smiphee 3D Printing Pen

Smiphee 3D Printing Pen

For those people who’ve never handled a 3D pen before, I recommend this Smiphee. Not only does it fits perfectly in hand, but it’s also not too loud when drawing and doesn’t smoke as much as other models. It also allows you to change the speed at which the plastic filament is extruded. Kids can use this model with relative ease.

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5. NexGadget Intelligent USB 3D Printing Pen

NexGadget Intelligent USB 3D Printing Pen

With the NexGadget, your imagination is the only limiting factor with what you can produce. It comes with various accessories and a user manual that explains all the functions of the pen. Once you familiarize yourself with this 3D pen, you will be producing 3D models within minutes. A special feature about it is that it is compatible with both the PLA and ABS plastic filaments.

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4. Plusinno DIY 3D Printing Pen

Plusinno DIY 3D Printing Pen

Fourth on our list is the Plusinno DIY. As an amateur artist, you will have fun and learn a lot with this pen. The packaging comes with many accessories and many filaments of different colors. It is lightweight, meaning you can easily shift and twist it in every direction to create unique 3D models. Its stand lets you place it in an upright position when pressing and reshaping the model you created.

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3. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

Unlike previous models we have looked at, the MYNT3D is ideal for a more mature user and professionals. It’s easy to use and also easy to swap or to replace the plastic filaments is effortless with no jams. You can adjust the extruding melted filament to come out at a slower speed for precision drawing

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2. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen

3Doodler Create 3D Pen

Even if you’re not an artist, you can have fun with this 3Doodler and create neat 3D models with it. If drawing on the air is challenging, this pen lets you draw on a flat surface and then make a connection to produce a complex 3D model. It is ergonomically designed and fits perfectly in hand. Its lightweight nature means that it is easy to handle and manipulate as you draws 3D models.

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1. XYZprinting da Vinci 3D Pen

XYZprinting da Vinci 3D Pen

The XYZ tops our list as the best 3D pen. It is simple to use; you can start creating within minutes of unboxing it. This pen helps its users create three-dimensional objects in a unique way. When air drawing, the XYZ helps kick start the hardening process when the filament is being extruded to ensure it stays in its intended position.

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Wrapping It Up

Brands like 3Doodler, 7Tech, and Mynt3d are known for their high quality and innovative 3D pens. These pens can be used as gifts for fun and creative use, but there is need to stock up on filaments to continue enjoying 3D modeling. The list above will put you in a better position to pick the best 3D pen that suits your needs. It is also worth keeping in mind that our list only contains high-quality 3D pens that will leave you fully satisfied regardless the pen you pick.

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