Could You Fight Your Way Skinny In 2018?

The Top 3 Advantages Of Losing Weight With Mixed Martial Arts

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to trim down in 2018? Statistically, 40 percent of Canadians made this resolution this year. You may not have considered starting a martial arts class to help trim down yet the latest research shows that it may be just the ticket. Today we are examining the surge in popularity of mixed martial arts, or MMA as its known. We are looking at the top three advantages of this discipline for those looking to lose weight. How many have you considered?

1. It’s Free To Spar Yourself Slim At Home With MMA

When many people hear that MMA is a combination of boxing, wrestling and kickboxing they may dismiss it out of hand. If you have ever seen a professional MMA fight on TV, your resolve to stay as far away from it as possible may strengthen. However, MMA does not have to involve physical contact. You can still learn the sparring and grappling techniques without ever setting foot in a ring. Many online sources such as TapoutVTC give anyone a free, online MMA training experience that they can use from the comfort of their own home. YouTube channels and paid-for courses let you learn MMA workouts, martial arts moves and MMA fighting techniques via the internet.

2. MMA Improves Your Energy Levels

MMA training is an excellent way to stay fit, improve your coordination and lose weight. According to Health Canada, staying physically active improves your energy levels, helps to keep your body strong and reduces stress. The latest guidance indicates that adults should aim to exercise for 30 minutes, five times a week. MMA training involves short training bouts of two or three minutes in duration and is an ideal way of meeting this target. If you can spare just two hours per week for MMA training, you will almost have met your weekly exercise target.

3. MMA Helps You Meet Fitness Goals

A Harvard Alumni Health Study found that men who burn more than 1,000 calories a week through physical activity have a 20 percent lower risk of heart disease than their peers who don’t. If that sounds tough, MMA makes it easy. A short bout of sparring or grappling is an especially brutal form of exercise. For a typical 180-pound person, a 30-minute MMA workout with just five bouts will see them burn over 500 calories. This means that just two MMA sessions per week can help you meet your fitness goals while becoming stronger and healthier.


According to a popular center offering MMA classes in Toronto, these three benefits of MMA will help anyone trim down and lower their levels of body fat. Joining a fighting class may not be the first thing on your mind but its well worth looking into. MMA training can help anyone meet their fitness goals and improve their lives. What do you think of our tips? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section!

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