Dieter Alert: The New CoolSculpting Scams To Avoid

Since it won FDA-approval in 2010, CoolSculpting has become an extremely popular fat loss method. It’s a non-invasive, painless and permanent way of freezing fat cells to death. Best of all, the price has fallen through the ceiling. The process itself is genuine: theFDAwebsite shows that CoolSculpting devices received 510(k) clearance in July 2012. However, many less-than-reputable clinics are touting it in ways never intended by inventors Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc. Here arethe top four CoolSculpting scams to avoid.

Scam 1. ‘CoolSculpting Is Suitable For Overweight People’

CoolSculpting is, on the surface, remarkably effective. A special applicator attached to a CoolSculpting machine is held in place on the patient’s body for 60 minutes. Without any need for anesthetics or painkillers, the device sucks in and cools the treatment area. This causes no skin, nerve or muscle damage but it does permanently kill 20 percent of the fat cells in that area. Given such results without any scalpels or surgery, many clinics claim that CoolSculpting is suitable for overweight people. In fact, ideal patients are no more than 20 pounds over their ideal bodyweight. In other words, they are in quite good shape. Always seek a proper consultation to ensure that CoolSculpting is right for you.

Scam 2. ‘CoolSculpting Is An Alternative To Dieting’

Some clinics advertise CoolSculpting as an alternative to dieting. In fact, the effects of the procedure are very slight. You can’t expect CoolSculpting to give the dramatic results seen with liposuction, for example. The truth is that CoolSculpting can only target very small areas and what you eat after the treatment is very important. As the fat cells die, stored fat is released into the patient’s body. This fat must be metabolized much like dietary fat. This is why you won’t typically see results before eight weeks. You must eat healthily after a session to help your body use up the stored fat. Follow the U.S Department of Health and Human Services’advice for healthy eating to reach your ideal weight.

Scam 3. ‘CoolSculpting Is Painless’

Many clinics try to promote CoolSculpting as a pain-free alternative to regular liposuction. In fact, the official FDA’s website does feature an adverse event report from a patient who experienced pain after a CoolSculpting procedure. Such cases are extremely rare but it is still a scam to present the process as pain-free. Most patients experience only slight tingling during the process. As noted above, CoolSculpting does not affect skin, nerve or muscles cells but there may be some soreness and redness afterwards.

Scam 4. ‘Anyone Can Get Good Results With CoolSculpting’

According to one firm offering to CoolSculpting to reduce stomach fat in San Francisco, you must get CoolSculpting from a board-certified doctor if you want the best results. Although the CoolSculpting equipment reduces the need for skill, it is still essential that a trained professional carry out the procedure. As with any cosmetic surgery, shop around and ask to see the portfolio and testimonials of any doctor you contact.


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