Data Storage Types

Data storage has always been a subject of human interest. Even before advancing in the modern technologies it was a primary urge of mankind to record data for further utilization. Book keeping was one of the chief ways how business transactions were recorded. But with the technological advancements men has so far exhausted all the possible thresholds of technology usage and its implementation in day to day life. Until this point when life without technology seems to be impossible. Data storage techniques have taken new forms to ease mankind. One o the most genuine ways of data storage is the storage of data using computer storage devices.

Keeping in view the function and requirements of data storage the computer storage device is classified ad primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary storage device is the in-built memory of the computer, whereas the secondary memory is the additional memory of the computer that is offered externally by the user to enhance and upgrade the inbuilt memory. And finally the tertiary storage devices of the computer are the removable mass storage devices that can be attached to a computer when needed.

The computer is facilitated with inbuilt memory, that are the primary mass storage devices in the form of RAM and ROM. RAM abbreviated from the Random Access Memory is a primary storage device that serves to store the information temporarily. It is hereby considered as a nick pad for memory storage in a computer. Irrespective of the fact that all the information stored in the computer RAM is accessible only till the user turns off the computer it still has the ability to store more information as compared to the permanent memory. The RAM is refreshed once the computer each time the computer is turned on. On the other hand ROM abbreviated from the Read Only Memory is also a primary storage device. It is a permanent storage of computer as the data once stored in a ROM cannot be rewritten or changed.

The memory added to the inbuilt memory of the computer to enhance the primary memory is secondary memory, the secondary storage device of the computer. The secondary storage devices of the computer are hard drives, BLU- ray disc, CDs, DVDs, and flash memory. Hard drives are the electronic devices that store the digital information in the form of binary coding, it has immense storage capacity. BLU-RAY DICS are also secondary storage devices. They seem similar to that of CDs and DVDs but yet have a high data storage capacity. These are particularly devised for storing high resolution animations and videos. CDs and DVDs are also the secondary storage devices as they are widely used and commonly known devices.

The third type of data storage devices are the tertiary devices. These can be regarded as a latest advancement. Tertiary storage devices are attached to the computer mostly in the form of mass storage devices. USB is an example of the tertiary storage device that is employed for the purpose of huge and heavy mass storage that the primary and secondary storage devices do not offer.

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