5 Best Camping Lanterns under $50

Camping is a wonderful past time to reconnect with nature, spend time with the family, or have some solitude amongst nature. However, you need to make sure you bring the right tools, so we’ve reviewed some of the Best Camping Lanterns to give you a more comfortable evening in mother nature.

1. Brightest LED Camping & Hurricane Lantern

If you are searching for the best-LED lantern for emergencies, hurricane, or camping, then the Blazin’ 500 lamp should be among your best choices. The Blazin’ 500 is able to light up an entire room allowing you to read easily, walk up the stairs, or play games with family and friends. It is very long lasting and reliable, able to run for six continuous days. This means it would turn on anytime you need it.

It proprietary frosted cover ensures that it produces soft white light which won’t blind your eyes when you look directly at it. At 7x4x4 and 15oz, the Blazin’ 500 is portable and lightweight which makes it excellent for taking around the house or hanging, and can also be used quite easily by kids. Its professional grade water-resistant plastic and rubbers ensure that the lamp is durable and rugged, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

2. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

This is one lamp that you will be greatly impressed with from the moment you pull it out of its box. Whether your intention is to use it for camping, emergencies, or even trick and treat, the Vont Pack LED Camping Lantern will provide you with more than 30 hours of reliable light, due to its energy saving bulbs.

It comes equipped with 30 individual LEDs, which makes it super bright and able to cut through 360 degrees of darkness even on the darkest nights. Its unique patented design means that you can collapse it to be as small as a phone which makes it fit into your backpack and emergency kit. This design also helps to increase or reduce the light as you expand or collapse the lantern. The lantern is constructed from aircraft-grade material which makes it waterproof and indestructible, so it can survive a 10-foot drop or being submerged temporarily under water.

3. Northpoint Vintage Style Copper Hurricane Lantern

Northpoint has over the years established a reputation for style, quality, and substance, from its handpicked collection of home lifestyle products which include vintage lanterns, weather station, LED candles, clocks, humidifiers, etc. The vintage lantern comes with 150 Lumen 12 LEDs which ensures that your path is lit up with bright white light.

It uses 2D batteries which, although are very efficient, the battery life varies depending on usage. It comes with a hanging ring at the top which allows you to hang the lantern anywhere you like. It also has a dimmer knob, which allows you to regulate the brightness of the light, hence battery consumption. The lantern is currently available in 17 different colors, helping to bring beauty and add minimalistic design to your home decor.

4. GE Enbrighten JAS29923 LED Lantern

The GE Enbrighten LED Lantern is touted as the future of lighting. Its bright light technology delivers consistent color temperature and unprecedented energy efficiency. Its USB device charging ensures that you are not caught with a dead phone. The lantern provides 800 lumen light with 360-degree coverage. It employs a Series Battery technology which is capable of providing power of up to 200 hours on the lantern’s low setting and 35 hours on high setting through the use of 6D batteries.

You can customize the light output and energy usage using the 3-level dimming features; low, medium, and high. It has a locking carabiner handle which makes it easy to hang the lantern anywhere. It has a durable water-resistant exterior which makes the lantern apt for camping, patios, emergencies, and backyards. 

5. Costech Cob Light Ultra Bright Collapsible Lamp

Whether it is hiking or preparing for an emergency, all you need to do is pull up the handle of the Costech Cob Light to have the entire place lighted up, and when you are done, simply push it back down. It comes with a collapsible design which makes using and transportation very convenient. It helps you to create just the ideal amount of light for reading, cooking, or any other work in the dark. It is made from extra tough ABS plastic alloy, which allows it to be compact, portable, and durable.

It employs the latest in COB technology, which makes it energy efficient and super bright, yet consuming less power per lumen. The Costech LED lantern is a multi-purpose essential that can function as a reading light, work light, or hurricane lantern.


There are some great camping sites there, but make sure you equip yourselves with a top notch lantern to get you the right safety at night. There are many to chose from, but there are some fantastic ones that will help you get through the night

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