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An intermediary is always involved to send claims from the doctors to the insurance company a role which is perfectly played by medical claims clearing house. Claims scrubbing is a process that must be carried out by medical claims clearinghouse ensuring that the information sent to the payers software has no errors. Claim scrubbing is done by comparing the correspondence of the procedural codes with that of the patient’s diagnosis codes thus fast identification and rectification of errors. Medical claims clearinghouse plays a significant role in medical billing which is a common activity in the society.

Medical Claims Clearinghouse in Medical Billing

Medical claims clearinghouse is required to edit the claims information into the required format as per the requirements of the insurance company that they are contracted with. Advanced information technology has enabled medical claims clearing company to serve various providers regardless of the insurance companies they are affiliated to. The quality of the software is a significant determinant of the medical billing services hence the necessity for a medical claims clearinghouse to work with a skilled and experienced designer. A clearinghouse should be able to utilize the web-based software in medical billing as it eventually improves on the services it offers to its clients.

In situations where the medical claims clearinghouse service provider’s software does not correspond to that of the payer of the claim, the clearinghouse has to send the claims through another clearing house. Compatibility of software is key hence enrollment of the payer and the provider to the same medical claims clearinghouse is an added advantage. A clearing house that is contracted by most health insurance companies used by the provider’s doctor is always the best option. Medical claims clearinghouse can minimize the incidences where the provider incurs extra cost by submitting the claims information electronically and not via mails.

Clients always have the liberty to compare the cost charged by various clearinghouses and can therefore always go for the cheapest. An acknowledgement report is provided by the medical claims clearinghouse to the provider which clearly indicates the medical claims status from the claims’ payer. Customer care services provided by the medical claims clearinghouse include transparency and reliable and quick means of communication through phone or emails. Remittance advice which is an electronic form of explanation of benefit is always given to the provider from the insurance company by the medical claims clearinghouse. Medical claims can be quite overwhelming and one can end up spending a lot of time unnecessarily a problem that can be easily solved through medical claims clearinghouse service. Statistics has it that in the recent past, medical claims clearinghouse has gained popularity probably due easy access to technology and probably lifestyle. The best health services can be achieved through acquisition of a healthy insurance policy with a company contracted to a medical claims insurance clearinghouse.

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